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Traveling Directions

So you really want to come and visit our main office in the Steigerwald nature reserve? Be warned. Most mobile phones have a hard time getting a usable signal. If that still does not scare you, this is how you can get to our not-so-virtual site, the ...

Gut Dutzenthal Haus 5
91438 Bad Windsheim

Fon: +49-700-OBJECTFARM
Fon: +49-700-62532832
Fon: +49-9165-9952-57
Fax: +49-9165-9952-58

We are in northern Bavaria right between Würzburg and Nürnberg
The main office is located in Dutzenthal.

Here you can find some detailed instructions depending on your preferred means of transportation.

By Car

We have to admit. Coming by car is still one of the easiest ways. Public transport is not in its gloriest state out here in the "wild". The good aspect, however, is that you will not have to search for a parking lot out here.

Coming from anywhere ... with GPS:

  • Try to use our main address with the city name "Dutzenthal".
  • If you have trouble locating this place use "Sugenheim" as the city name, because our village "technically" belongs to this bigger village (Germans call that relationship "Ortsteil").
  • The GPS coordinates are: Lon: E 10.4502, Lat: N 49.5847

Coming from Nürnberg or Würzburg:

  • As always there are a number of possible ways. The easiest to explain is if get on "Bundesstrasse B8" from Nürnberg towards Würzburg or the other way around.
  • Drive to Markt Bibart and at one of the big round abouts drive towards Bad Windsheim.
  • You will pass through Sugenheim and continue westwards towards Deutenheim.
  • From there you will be heading south towards Bad Windsheim over a small hill with a steep climb upwards.
  • On the next regular crossing, about a kilometer prior to the next village called Rüdisbronn, you make a left turn heading towards Neustadt a.d. Aisch and Unternesselbach.
  • The next single house village on the left hand side (after approx. 2 km) is Rehhof.
  • Just before you pass Rehhof take a left and drive the final kilometer over our dirt track straight to Dutzenthal.

If you do not arrive in Dutzenthal within 15 minutes after leaving the B8 and Markt Bibart behind you, chances are good that you got lost. In that case either ask someone or simply call us.

By Train

Being located really close to the main train route from Würzburg to Nürnberg gives us a fairly good train connection. Trains run at least once very hour. You should look out for Markt Bibart or Neustadt a.d. Aisch as your final destination. Check out reiseauskunft.bahn.de for train schedules.

Once you get to one of the stations call us at 0700-OBJECTFARM so that we can pick you up. Otherwise you are asking for a 15 km walk. Sometimes you might be lucky and will find a taxi at the stations. But busses definitly do not travel to our place.

By Airplane

The only helicopters that are allowed to land in our village are those from rescue organizations. So generally you will aim for one of the big "traditional" airports: Frankfurt or Nürnberg.

Arriving at Frankfurt (FRA) international airport:

  • Try to not get lost after you exit the plane (OK .. Heathrow would be even worse, but Frankfurt still tries hard to be a really challanging environment to the human species).
  • Those coming from outside the EU should not worry about "finger prints", "iris scans" or other special welcome ceremonies. Germany does not (yet?) consider all its visitors to be dangerous aliens.
  • So if you are headed for the new and really nice train station you should look for a train to Würzburg. The fast ICE train leaves almost every hour and needs almost 90 mintes to get you to Würzburg.
  • From there you need to continue like all the others that travel by train. Your final destination is called Markt Bibart and a Regional Express will carry you for the last 30 minutes.
  • The total traveling time from FRA-airport to Markt Bibart is about 2 hours.
  • If you decided to get a rental car be warned that the route from Frankfurt to Würzburg is very often a stop-and-go nightmare and the drive is about 2 hours as well. Once you get close to Würzburg, follow the instructions for visitors arriving by car.

Arriving at Nürnberg (NUE) international airport:

  • This is a fairly small airport and you will not have any difficulties to find your way around.
  • As soon as you exit the airport buy a "Preisstufe 10+T" ticket for the VGN public transport system.
  • Get on the U-Bahn U2 subway and watch the dark tunnels until you get off at the Hauptbahnhof station.
  • From there you will continue like all the others traveling by train with the target station Neustadt a.d. Aisch.
  • If you are lucky and catch the subway approx. 35 minutes past the hour you will get to Neustadt a.d. Aisch within 60 minutes. So flying to NUE instead of FRA can save about an hour of train travel.

By Bike

When you arrive by train and are in company of your (folding) bike you can easily cycle the last 15 kilometers from Markt Bibart or Neustadt a.d. Aisch to Dutzenthal. In good weather conditions it is quite a relaxing ride. The route from Neustadt is less hilly and has a better cycle path.

From Markt Bibart the route is pretty much identical to the car route, with the tiny differnce, that with a bike you can take a shortcut from Sugenheim to Dutzental that goes straight over the hill. This saves you a lot of kilometers.

If you got out in Neustadt a.d. Aisch your route will take you west riding through Birkenfeld, Schauerheim, Unternesselbach, Obernesselbach and then to Rehhof. This is basically a good alternative route for car drivers too.

As always: got lost? call! ... or ask your trusted GPS system.

By Foot

Ok. This is a tough one. But there are some brave people out there and they still prefer to walk from A to B. While it might be a long way from Markt Bibart or Neustadt a.d. Aisch or any other place, your chances are good that you will enjoy a quite lovely country side. There are a number of marked routes that you can take. The tourist info maps at the railway stations can provide you with a detailed map. You can also check out OpenStreetMap .

So you see, the choice is yours.
We are looking forward to meet you!