27. January 2004, Our People ObjectFarm

The ObjectFarm is not only about work, but it is also about a community of people who chose to share a home in virtual reality. This is a list of some of our people and their main fields of interest:

  • Barbara (biology)
  • Bernd
  • Doris
  • Gunnar (electronics, mechanical engineering, aviation)
  • Hubert (graphics, economy)
  • Moni (biology, solar technologies)
  • Stefan (computer science)
  • Stevie (computer science, music)
  • Tomi (computer science, solar technologies)
  • Vera
  • Wolfy (chemistry)
  • Wolfgang (mechanical engineering)
  • ...

Disclaimer: Please note that the links are pointing to everybodies private home page and the content therefore does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the entire group.