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6. Juni 2002, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm

There are lots of activities going on at our place. We invite you to share whatever you find interesting and to give feedback or join us whenever you like.

Cooperations ... Support, Consulting and Training

Currently our consulting business centers around Mac OS X, Cocoa and WebObjects technology. This includes planning of web sites and e-commerce solutions, developer training and system administration. A list of partners, customers and solutions, where some of our "farmers" helped out, is available for you. This list also includes all of our major "partnerships" with the non-profit world.

In some other areas (like biology, energy production, chemistry, design, etc.) we do have experts on the team which are at least able to guide you to a known service provider in that field. Maybe we will officially cover some of these areas on our own in the future.


There is more to the ObjectFarm then just making money. We feel that information and knowledge is very important and that some topics should receive more attention then they are getting out there. Usually they are more complex or require regular updates and therefore deserve to be a full online publication instead of a one-time feature article:

  • Solare Weltwirtschaft (Deutsch)
    Nach der Informationsgesellschaft sollte uns der nächste Schritt zu einer solaren Gesellschaft führen. Warum wir dies zwingend notwendig halten und wie eine daraus entstehende solare Weltwirtschaft aussehen könnte, ist Thema dieser Veröffentlichung.

  • TheMerger (English)
    Read about the history and evolution of Mac OS X and where the cool ideas came from.


Every now and then our members are publishing some reports or short feature stories. As usual there is no guarantee that the material is error free, but we try to maintain a high standard of content quality. Those who only "read" it for the pictures might find some nice impressions as well.

We have included a note about the place where the article did appear initially and in which language.

  • WWDC 2000: The HIDManager (stepwise, English)
  • WWDC 2000: Java and the Aqua Interface (stepwise, English)
  • WWDC 2000 coverage (stepwise, Engilsh)
  • MacWorld SF'99 (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • Mac OS X Server im Februar (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • FireWire endlich im Aufwind (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • Die neue Desktop Linie (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • AppleStore nun auch in Deutschland (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • WebObjects Design Tools (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • VirtualPC 2.1.2 erhältlich (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/98, Deutsch)
  • Neue G3 Hardware (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 3/98, Deutsch)
  • Apple im Aufwind (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 3/98, Deutsch)
  • Der Tag des iMac (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 3/98, Deutsch)
  • Der tragbare schwarze Computer (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 3/98, Deutsch)
  • Aus für Newton MessagePads (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 2/98, Deutsch)
  • Mac OS X Strategie (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 2/98, Deutsch)
  • Mehr als nur schöne Bilder (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 2/98, Deutsch)
  • QuickTime und MPEG-4 (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 1/98, Deutsch)
  • 100g UNIX bitte (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 1/98, Deutsch)
  • Apple Entwicklerhardware Programm (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/97, Deutsch)
  • Symbiose: Was Apple vom NeXT-Kauf hat (c't Magazin 3/97, Deutsch)
  • Rhapsody Blues: UNIX (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 2/97, Deutsch)
  • Rhapsody Blues: Blue Box (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 1/97, Deutsch)
  • Rhapsody Blues: Apples Heldenepos (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 1/97, Deutsch)
  • Eine Farbe ist eine Farbe (NEXTTOYOU Magazin 4/96, Deutsch)

Most are not yet available online but should be in the near future. Check back soon.


With the arrival of fresh technologies we often feel like sharing our impressions and organize or participate at trade shows or demo events. Announcement of and reports from those happenings can be found below:

  • Wocoa Pow Wow Q3-2002 (Amsterdam)
  • Wocoa Pow Wow Q1-2002 (Berlin)
  • Wocoa Pow Wow Q3-2001 (Lich)
  • Apple WWDC 2001
  • Wocoa Pow Wow Q1-2001 (Dortmund)
  • Wocoa Pow Wow Q3-2000 (München)
  • Apple WWDC 2000
  • Apple WWDC 1999
  • Apple Roadshow Erlangen
  • RRZE-MacCampus Treffen WS/1999
  • STEPtreff 1998
  • MacWorld Düsseldorf 1998
  • RRZE-MacCampus Treffen SS/1998
  • Cebit 1998 - The NEXTTOYOU Trip
  • RRZE-MacCampus Treffen WS/1998
  • MacWorld Düsseldorf 1997
  • STEPtreff 2/1997
  • STEPtreff 1/1997


There is a long list of applications and software modules that have developed on our farm. It will become available soon.


Research activities are mainly centered around renewable energy sources, chemistry, ergonomics, and ecosystems.

More details should get published in this area as soon as we find the time. Nevertheless we hope that there is already something that you will find interesting.