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The way we co-operate with other people, organizations or companies is not always the same, but we feel that in some sense they are all important and belong together. It is always a give and take, no matter what kind of relation it is or once was.

Partners and Clients

Today most of our business activities are centered around inter- or intranet solutions for the enterprise markets. So naturally the majority of our partners and clients come from the IT world. The entries are in a somewhat chronological order, with the most recent or most vivid partnerships being listed first.

Apple Logo

Crossplatform enterprise solutions using WebObjects and custom Mac OS X based Cocoa applications are our primary focus in the computer area. We consider both technologies a benchmark that other vendors still have not managed to catch up with. Therefore we are active members of the Apple developer community.

DiBa Logo

During the year 2003 the Entrium Direct Bankers AG and the Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG, which is better known as the DiBa, were busy preparing their merger. It was technically executed on April 13th, 2004 and resulted in a combined customer base of 3,5 Millionen. During that entire process we helped to integrate the Entrium brokerage services into the new IT structure.

  • OnlineBroking - online brokerage, WebObjects
Farbglanz Logo

When it comes to professional and environmentally friendly photo development Farbglanz is the name you are most likely looking for here in Germany. They have formed partnerships with NGOs like WWF or companies like the memo AG. In 2003 we streamlined certain aspects of their website and delivered a web based "free prints" upload service.

  • FreePrints - online image upload, WebObjects
Entrium Logo

Measured by customers Entrium was the largest, pure direct bank in Germany back in 2001. It was part of the Bipop group and, as a direct bank, had a natural interest in utilizing the internet for its daily business. We helped in designing the new application server architecture and provided the training and coaching for their development team. The new HTML banking solution went online in early 2001 and other new intra- and internet services followed.

  • DepotArchiv - online document archive, WebObjects
  • DiscountBroking - online banking, WebObjects
Webmiles Logo

When it comes to collecting "miles" on the internet, Webmiles operates one of the leading systems in Europe. The company is part of the Bertelmann group and offers its service in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. We delivered the inital WebObjects training and coaching for their team and are part of the ongoing maintainance of the system.

  • WebmilesBackOffice - intranet solution, WebObjects
  • WebmilesSecurityManager - intranet solution, WebObjects
PlanNet Media Logo

Plan.Net media centers its business around online advertising. The company offers everything from simple adspace up to international campaign management. We designed and developed a proof-of-concept WebObjects solution, that could move their internal workflow from an aging OpenStep desktop application to the intranet.

  • MediaPlan - intranet solution, WebObjects
Consors Logo

The most talked about shooting star in Germanies recent banking history surely is Consors. With an almost exclusive focus on online broking and a strong customer community momentum, the company has grown from zero to one of the most important internet trading centers. We played key role in designing and developing a number of major WebObjects applications for their internet appearance.

  • EasyBroking - online banking, WebObjects
  • SessionCenter - universal login, WebObjects
  • FinderFonds - data mining, WebObjects
  • NotfallBanking - online banking, WebObjects
  • BrokerBoard - discussion board, WebObjects
100world Logo

Back in 1999 the team of 100world was one of the leading WebObjects solution providers in northern Bavaria. We helped to establish their development department and worked on many of their projects. By late 2001 the company had grown to more than 100 employees. Our entire set of Consors solutions has been initiated and supervised by this partner.

  • SessionCenter - universal login for CargoBiz, WebObjects
  • DMedForum - discussion board for DeutschlandMed, WebObjects
  • Academia - community engine, WebObjects
Cycosmos Logo

With one of the first avatar based communities Cycosmos was one of the leading internet chat spaces in Germany. We have been part of the team that prepared the first release of their WebObjects engine to be ready for CeBit Home 1998.

  • Cycosmos - community engine, WebObjects
Henkel Logo

For more than 125 years Henkel is a well established global player in the chemical industry. The product range includes glues, cosmetics, detergents and more. We have worked on their internal document managment tool, which was developed by Cambrigde Technologie Partners in Dublin, Ireland.

  • FactBook - document management, WebObjects - OpenStep
Cambridge Technology Partners Logo

As a world wide eBusiness services company Cambridge Technology Partners operates in 19 countries. Back in 1997 we helped their Irish office to develop the Henkel FactBook system, which was build on top of WebObjects.

Supported Non Government Organizations

There are many issues that (for a number of very strange reasons) are not in the general interest of many governments or large cooperations. It is the self given task of countless Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to bring up those issues and make sure that the public will hear "the other opinion" and see "the other side of the medal" as well. Many people dedicated part of their life to make this world a better place ... and we feel that it is up to us to support their work; be it with money or active help.

amnesty international Logo

A newspaper article in 1961 triggered a movement that works to promote all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards. The organization is now known by the name amnesty international, has members and supporters in 162 countries, and campaigns to free all prisoners of conscience; ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of prisoners; end political killings and "disappearances"; and oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups.

BWE Logo - Bundesverband Windenergie

The idea of "letting the wind do all the work" is really old. Today wind power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources, because its technology has already matured. The primary goal of the Bundesverband WindEnergie (BWE) is the creation of a more favourable political framework for wind energy and other renewables. When dealing with politicians, authorities, utilities and the general public, a special focus is put on representing the interests of private wind turbine operators, i.e. improving the general conditions for building and operating wind turbines in Germany and elsewhere.

Cap Anamur Logo

The Komitee Cap Anamur got founded in Germany, when Heinrich Böll, André Glucksmann, Luise Drüke and Rubert Neudeck could no longer sit and watch refugees drown in the ocean around the island Pulau Bidong. This was back in 1979. Cap Anamur was the name of the ship they chartered to help these people. Since then the volunteers of Cap Anamur have been active in many regions around the world, where humanitary catostrophies have taken place.

DGS Logo

Founded back in 1975 the DGS - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V. is one of the oldest solar societies in Germany and counts more than 3000 members all over the country. It is the German section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and mainly targets the general public in order to educate them about the possibilities of all solar technologies. Since 2003 we are coordinating the societies activities in the northern Bavarian region called "Unterfranken".

GfbV Logo

Genocides are not a topic of the past. Sadly history is repeating itself over and over again. The Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker is trying to help threatened ethnic or religious minorities and indigenous people, by making their case known to the public, providing medical help and legal assistance as well as trying to gain support and attention from politicans and the media. Since 1970 this German organization has been raising its voice for the people which are not allowed to have one.

Eurosolar Logo

The objectives of Eurosolar are the replacement of nuclear and fossil fuels and their sources with environmentally sound energy sources, using both direct and indirect sources of a solar energy. The members of this organization believe solar energy to be the central most important precondition to uphold the vital natural bases, as well as to lead to new lasting economic and development politics. Activies focus on bringing together European, and international, experts in politics, economics, sciences, and architecture to prepare the framework for a solar economy.

Greenpeace Logo

It all started with a small sailing ship and a small anti-nuclear movement. Over the past 30 years Greenpeace has turned into an organization with global reach that is now generally seeking to challenge those who pollute and damage the planet. The activist are not just taking a close look at what companies and governments around the world are doing, but they also take active measures to stop pollution-business. Greenpeace also tries to show the industrie how things could be done - like the super efficient SmILE car or the Greenpeace Energie offer, which is available in Germany.

SOS Kinderdorf Logo

The SOS Kinderdorf e.V. is one of the hundred associations which form the international network of this organization. The main goal is to give children who have lost their parents a permanent home, a stable environment and a thorough preparation for life on their own afterwards. Since 1955 a total of 14 villages and more than 30 other facilities have been established here in Germany. World wide the organization runs more than 1500 projects in over 130 countries.

Unicef Logo

Created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1946 to help children after World War II in Europe, UNICEF now stands for the United Nations Children's Fund. Working with national governments, NGOs , other United Nations agencies and private-sector partners, UNICEF protects children and their rights by providing services and supplies and by helping shape policy agendas and budgets in the best interests of children. It also aims to promote the equal rights of women and girls and to support their full participation in the political, social, and economic development of their communities.

WWF Logo

Protecting the living planet is the goal which the WWF has set itself. For more than 40 years now this organization is raising funds and organizing activities. It all started with protecting animals and plants threatened with extinction. But today the spectrum includes: conserving the world's biological diversity; ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable; promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

The entries here are given in alphabetical order and it does not represent any kind of ranking. Besides that we want to make it especially clear, that there are countless NGOs out there, which are not listed here, but this does not mean, that we do not think their work is useless or not worth your support. It is just, that currently we do not support them, yet.