ObjectFarm Tree
11. Dezember 2001, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm

On every farm there should be some animals. Not only to live from what they produce but in our case mainly to live with them an enjoy having their company.

Most of them have their own and very special story which we might tell you once we find the time.

Kimba puzzle Kimba was born in 1996 and is a friendly Anglo-Arabian horse. He is learning fast and one of the reasons why we are still looking for that ObjectFarm office on the country side. We need space ... and so does he.

Susi puzzleSusi is a long time companion of the ObjectFarm. While having a little complicated personality she really is an true enrichment of our daily live.

Juliska 2001 puzzleThe day this cute Shagya-Arabian mare was born we decided that she should stay with us. Born in July and colored just like a Liska (the Czech name for a fox) the search for a good name did not take long: Hallo Juliska