3. August 2000, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm

With the new prize tag of $699 WebObjects has become accessible to a wide audience and Mac OS X is just around the corner waiting to Aqua'tize the Apple world. Finally Openstep feeling will come to a mass market and hopefully even more developers will discover that Cocoa is the tastier brew.

We think that it is about time for the European WebObjects and Cocoa community to come together.

The Happening

Please do not expect a regular and boring trade show or conference. This will be a chaotic and spontaneous meeting ... a Pow Wow of the "Wocoa Indians", a small tribe which is gaining momentum and members. Bring your drums, guitars, PowerBook and sleeping bags.

Need more details? Here they are:

Gathering Time When the sun starts to lower towards the west on the first weekend in the month of the thunder
(Saturday 5.August 2000, starting 14:00, open end)

The "organized" event will end at 22:00.

Tipi Location "Grosser Saal" in the
Freies Musikzentrum (FMZ)
Ismaninger Str. 29

(we would like you to register prior to coming)

Planned Dances
  • (14:00) The "grab a name badge" dance
  • (14:30) MacWorld 2000 SF news
    (movies and facts)
  • Geeky campfire talks about the WO-EJB issue, EOF caching gotchas, performance tuning, migration to Cocoa and Mac OS X and whatever will cross our mind
  • (16:00) Nostalgia: 10 years of NeXT hardware ... 5 years of WebObjects.
  • (17:00) Demos of frameworks and applications
  • (18:30) Shaping the future of reusable objects for Mac OS X and WebObjects.
  • Music, drinks and food
  • (20:00) The movie of the night:
    "Pirates of Silicon Valley"
  • (22:00) Cleanng up the tipi and heading out into the friendly old town of München.
Sleeping If you plan to stay with us until late in the evening you should find a Hotel or other accommodation. If you need assistance then let us know when you register.

If you want to be part of this event please send a mail to Attending this Pow Wow does not cost you anything, but we need to know how many Wocoa dancers will stomp our tipi in order to get enough drinks and movie chairs. Food will be served by your favorite Pizza delivery service.

How to get there

The Wocoa Camp Dreamcatcherpizza man usually knows the place, but for those who do not, we have a few directions:

Are you coming on foot, on horse, with the bike?

  1. Walk from the "Max-Weber-Platz" towards the north.
  2. Follow the "Ismaninger Straße" until you see the FMZ on the left side of the street.
  3. The houses number is 29 and the entire building will be our tipi for the evening

Horses should be left at the "Tierklinik am Englischen Garten" where they will be taken care off. From there you should take the U5 at Odenonsplatz and take it towards Neuperlach.

Are you coming with the canoe?

  1. Paddle along the Isar straight into München
  2. Store your canoe on the "Museums-Insel"
  3. Exit towards where the sun rises and follow the Ismaninger Straße.
  4. This will be a relaxing 15 min. walk after your long paddle.

Are you coming with the train?

  1. Arrive at München Hauptbahnhof
  2. Take U4 or U5 towards Arabella-Park or Neuperlach
  3. Escape the underground at "Max-Weber-Platz"
  4. Walk along the Ismaninger Straße towards the north.
  5. ... look out for those who arrived with the canoe to your left.

Are you coming with an iron bird?

  1. Arrive at München International Airport
  2. Take the S8 to the "Ostbahnhof"
  3. Descend to the underground and take U5 towards "Laimer Platz"
  4. Get off at "Max-Weber-Platz" (right the next station)
  5. ... follow the path of those who came with the train.

Are you really coming with the car?

  1. Parking is a nightmare in München ... so reconsider your plan
  2. you are sure that taking the car was the right decision ?
  3. Ok, no matter where you come from, try to dart towards the eastern center of München.
  4. Ask for the "Maximilianeum", "Deutsches Museum" or ask for the "imax Theatre".
  5. If a sign reads "Am Gasteig", "Einsteinstrasse" or "Europa Platz" you are already pretty close.
  6. This will bring you pretty close to the "Max-Weber-Platz" and the "Ismaninger Straße"
  7. But did we mention that parking is not easy ?

Since real indians do not need a map we will not include one here. If you forgot how to read the traces on the concrete you surely will find all the information you need on the web (mapquest for example).


This event will be organized and sponsored as a joined effort by the COSS AG (Munich office), Gehle Software, Mulle kybernetiK and the ObjectFarm.

If your tribe wants to donate some buffalos or other supplies we encourage them to contact us at and tell us about it.

Beat the drums

We hope that you send the necessary smoke signals to your friends and that you tell them about the Wocoa Geek Camp. The more "Indians" come ... the better and louder our Pow Wow will be.

Headhunters and scouts from desperate WebObjects customers are not excluded. However, be prepared to find no people in suite and tie ... and another tip: Happy Indians are not really interested in a new job.

So see you at the Wocoa Geek Camp!