10. May 2002, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm

There is more to the ObjectFarm then just making money. We feel that information and knowledge is very important and that some topics should receive more attention then they are getting out there. Usually they are more complex or require regular updates and therefore deserve to be a full online publication instead of a one-time feature article:

  • Solare Weltwirtschaft (Deutsch)
    Nach der Informationsgesellschaft sollte uns der nächste Schritt zu einer solaren Gesellschaft führen. Warum wir dies zwingend notwendig halten und wie eine daraus entstehende solare Weltwirtschaft aussehen könnte, ist Thema dieser Veröffentlichung.

  • TheMerger (English)
    Read about the history and evolution of Mac OS X and where the cool ideas came from.

Some of the personal areas can also contain in depth information about certain subjects. So check out what our people want to share with you.