Version 0.31 (7. January 1996), Tomi Engel BeakerBoy
Road Map

This was the original feature wish list. It should be obvious that there is little or nothing that actually was add since there has not been any work on the BeakerBoy since many years. Nevertheless it might be interesting where I was initially heading for.

Planned Features for 1995

Turn it into a full featured and well behaving application. This would be a 1.0 release.

  • Load, save, new, ... basic stuff
  • More and better file filters (PDB is high on the list)
  • True help pages.
  • Using NSBundles all over the place.
  • Simple stereo-camera.
  • Molecule construction from basic fragments (atoms, bonds, molecules).
  • A simple German localization.

Planned Features for 1996

Becoming way too advanced.

  • Tools executable on remote machines via PDO: HP, Sun, SGI, DEC servers?
  • StructureBoy ... a 2D chemistry drawing tool.
  • Nice clipping planes. Other drawing styles.
  • Protein building tool.
  • Energy optimization.

Planned Features for 1999

Reaching for the sky.

  • Direct brain-slot adapter and other simple extensions.
  • ...include here what you like. It might get real ;-)

Back to reality. The year 1999 has passed quite some time ago and nothing has happened.