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When compared to most of the others in their family, they can be considered as the slower (slowest?) ones. They also share a boxy and compact but still very elegant and "cute" look, which might be one of the reasons why both got their extreme iconic reputation.

Besides that both feed on very exotic software, which is hard to get and makes it hard to keep the species alive and happy.

NeXTdimension (Front View)Koala (Sleeping)

NeXTdimension System

The original NeXTcube was a grayscale only but with the additional Dimension board user could not only add 32 bit color with a processing speed that was ahead of the mainstream at that time, but user also got an integrated framegrabber and live video capabilities.

Like its NeXTstep operating system this box was way ahead of its time when NeXT Computer inc. released it in 1990.

Name NeXTcube + NeXTdimension
Category Workstation computer
Size 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm
Weight 13 - 17 kg
Configuration OPENSTEP 4.2.

Motorola M68040 25 MHz,
64 MB RAM + 32 MB VRAM,
3 GB Harddisk,
21'' TFT Display.

Installed base ? units (1993)
Location Tomi's home
Photo NeXT Computer Inc.

A large selection of application can be found at Peanuts or the TU-Berlin. Regular features covering NeXT technologies and all its offsprings can be found at stepwise.

Phascolarctus cinereus

It is the incarnation of the teddy bear. Koalas look as cute as a toy and probably even smell better then a toy.

Feeding on the poisonous leaves of the eucalyptus tree has its benefit: Koalas are among the few animals that smell as lovely as a chewing gum.

Name Koala (phascolarctus cinereus)
Family Marsupilae
Size 72 - 78 cm
Weight 5 - 12 kg
Habits Feeds on eucalyptus leafs only,
Up to 15 years old,
Matures at the ago of 2- 4 years.
Population 40000 - 80000 animals (1990)
Habitat Australia
Photo unknown photographer

If you are interested in the conservation program please read the pages of the Koala foundation which - obviously - is located in Australia.