23. Apr. 1999, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm

They share a sleek and streamlined shape in clear and bright blue and white color. Their appearance and performance is both fascinating and frightening.

In the Hawai'ian language "Mano" can mean "many" as well as "shark" when used with a stressed "o". While there might have been many sharks a few hundred years ago, today the numbers are declining constantly. However, as for any ocean creature, it is impossible to provide any exact numbers of living specimen because of the impossibility to monitor or measure live in the vast spaces of the ocean. This, on the other hand, might be the best guarantee for the survival of endangered ocean species ... because there is a lot of space to hide.

PowerMac G3 "Yosemite"

With this computer Apple did not only prove once more that it can design beautiful sculptures but also that it can deliver cutting edge technology in a mass market price range when it released this machine in January 1999.

This PowerPC G3 based machine did provide the best 3D graphics performance, best storage scaleability, best computing power and memory throughput Apple shipped up to the day this model was released. It also outperformed most other PCs available at that time.

Name Apple PowerMac G3 "Yosemite"
Category Workstation computer
Size 23 x 28 x 5 cm
Weight 3.5 kg
Configuration Mac OS X Server.

PowerPC G3 400 MHz,
256 MB RAM,
9 GB hard disk.

Installed base Still in growing...
Location Premiere development server in the office.
Photo by Apple Computer Inc.

What the iMac did to USB this machine did to the FireWire market. Two FireWire ports ship with every single box and create and installed base which finally makes it attractive to hardware developer to design FireWire hardware.

This machine is obviously is running Mac OS X Server which we use for most of our software development.

If you want to learn more about this PowerMac G3 then simply check Apple product information.

Prionace Glauca

Sharks are the perfect nightmare to most people - and maybe just because they have seen the Hollywood blockbuster "Jaws". Still the average number of fatal attacks worldwide is about 50. This makes a horse or a honey bee far more dangerous, because more people get killed by them.

The blue shark is one of the most attractive sharks and migrates over long distances in the open ocean. Usually it stays in the deeper and cooler water.

Name Mano (exact Hawai'ian name unknown) or
Blue Shark (prionace glauca)
Family Carcharhinidae
Size 180 - 380 cm
Weight 30 - 50 kg
Habits Feeds primarily on squid or any other marine animal.
Potentially dangerous.
Population Unknown and but potentially endangered due to overfishing.
Habitat Worldwide in open ocean
Photo by ? (sadly not showing a blue shark yet)

Most sharks can become dangerous when provoked but only few are dangerous to humans "out of the box" because they feed on seals and other large pray. This includes the bull shark, tiger shark and great white shark which in the Hawai'ian language are called Niuhi.

One of the most endangered sharks is the great white with is protected in most parts of the world (like South Africa).

More information on sharks can be found at the American and European Elasmobranch Society.