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Both look charming, cute and are a little bulky. The black and white appearance is another criteria which both share and why to us the name seems like a perfect fit.

PowerBook G3 Wallstreet puzzlePanda in tree puzzle

PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet"

After a long period of time Apple once more redefined the "portable computer" when it released the (codename) Wallstreet models of it PowerBook line in 1998.

Name Apple PowerBook G3 Series
Category Laptop computer
Size 23 x 28 x 5 cm
Weight 3.5 kg
Configuration Mac OS X.

PowerPC G3 292 MHz,
192 MB RAM,
8 GB Harddisk,
14'' TFT Display.

25 W (running)
2.5 W (sleep)

Installed base 200 000 units (1999)
Location Inside Tomi's backpack: everywhere and always on the road
Photo Apple Computer Inc.

The processing power rated at almost twice as much as comparable Intel laptops. For the first time it seemed like the "mobile workstation" had finally arrived. Image processing and software development on the go have become reality.

More details about this computer can be found at the Apple History website.

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

They do not only look cute but, being vegetarian and mostly raised in captivity, they . Feeding on bamboo deep inside the Chinese forests this bear has become a symbol for the fight against the extinction of endangered species.

Name Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Family Bamboo Bear (Ailuropodidae)
Size 150 - 180 cm (body length)
Weight 75 - 110 kg
Habits Feeds mainly on bamboo,
Livespan up to 30 years in captivity and 10-15 in wild,
Matures at the ago of 5.5 - 6.5 years.
Population 1050 - 1100 animals (1970)
Habitat Montane forests in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shanxi.
Photo unknown photographer

The World Wildlife Foundation has chosen this animal as their mascot which probably is the main reason for its popularity.

Good resources about the conservation programs can be found at the WWF site. One of the most famous spots is the Wolong Panda Nature Reserve and its Giant Panda Bear Research Center.

As always the Animal Diversity Web has many scientific facts to offer.