27. February 2003, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm
Wocoa Camp Location

The drummers of the Wocoas, an European tribe of WebObjects and Cocoa developers, are beating their drums again. WebObjecs 5.2 is out and Apple is turning Mac OS X only. It is time to dance and celebrate ... again.

Wocoa Camp Dreamcatcher As usual this event will try to be as unorganized as ever. Please do not expect a regular and boring trade show or conference but bring your DVDs, guitars and PowerBooks instead. This is a coming together and a sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

The Location

This time it will happen in the month of the crow and our host will be Sen:te ... so we are gathering in the snowy part of Europe.

8 Côtes de Montbenon
Lausanne (Switzerland)
Sat, March 1, 2003 - 10:00 'til 20:00

The gathering place is near the "Flon" metro station, downtown, and in the heart of "Vallée du Flon", a favorite "Lausanne by night" spot. It's a 10 minute walk from the train station and most hotels listed below.

For last minute updates please check Sen:te's Wocoa page.


If you intend to join us, please send a message with your name and preferred email-address to:

as soon as you can. Both are necessary for your name badge. And ...

  • if you want the name of your tribe or company to appear on your name badge, please tell us what it should be.

  • if you have a cool application that you would like to demo to other people, or have an interesting topic that you would like to share with other dancers - just let us know. We will publish these topics on our webpages and the peoples mailinglist, so that others will know who to talk to.

After registration you will receive a confirmation mail and a second mail with the exact location details, shortly prior to the event. You will also be added to the mailing list unless you explicitly state that you do not wish to be part of it.

We do not charge any fee for attending this Pow Wow but you will have to cover your own expenses.

You must register because we need to know how many Wocoa dancers will stomp our tipi. Otherwise we cannot guarantee to find a place big enough for all of us.


Please note ... while we might have a beamer and internet connection in place, please be aware that "sharing an interesting topic" should not be read as "giving a full blown hyper complicated sales presentation of your product and having the right to be depressed if nobody cares to listen". Our Pow Wows are organized chaos ... you have been warned!

Planned Dances

Like during previous events we are again looking forward to welcome approximatly 50 motivated and creative Wocoa dancers.

Over the following weeks we will continue to update this section with a list of names and topics. Those are the people that are willing to share some of their wisdom with the rest of us. They are not official speakers but will also not hesitate to speak to a larger crowd if there is enough interest in listening to their tales and watching their demos (the order represents the order in which we received the notice)

  • Harry Emmanuel, Prokov Editions
    • MediStory, a system for Health Care Record Management
  • Marco Scheuer, Sen:te
    • "Hello World", a GNUstep Web / GDL application on Mac OS X
  • Bernhard Scholz, Apple Germany
    • See the new PowerBook G4 12-inch (17 inch sadly not available yet)
  • Corinne Culo and Philippe Rabier, Sophiacom
    • EOF adaptor for Lotus Domino
    • SQLPrompt ... the more friendly SQL*Plus clone for Mac OS X and Windows NT with WebObjects 4.5 installed
  • Martin Pittenauer and friends, TU München
    • Hydra - a Rendezvous based Texteditor
  • Pirmin Braun, seat-1 Software GmbH
    • The seat-1 Software Suite. WO in ObjC running under Windows XP (Demo)
  • Michael Oesterreich, AG
    • WebObjects based e-Learning Plattform "Glirarium"
    • "TotalControl" ... a WebObjects solution for tracking of work time (Demo)
  • Anjo Krank
  • David Teran, cluster9
    • ResourceStreamer, a framework that enhances WO5.2 fileupload and download streaming capabilities
    • How to replace just parts of a HTML page with DHTML to speed up GUI elements without reloading the whole page
  • Tomi Engel, ObjectFarm
    • Scientific applications in Cocoa.
    • The economics of an oil society.
  • Wocoa drummers
    • Tipps about what you might want to do during this weekend.

If you also want to demo something special or have knowledge that you are willing to share ... please contact us at and tell us about it so that we can add you to this list.


Lausanne is 50 minutes away from the Geneva Airport and 2hour and 40 minutes from the Zurich Airport. There are many connections with European cities. For train schedules you should look here.

If you prefer to burn your own gasoline you can take the car and the Swiss highways. Unless you have a parking lot right at your hotel there are two convenient locations to park, close to the Wocoa Pow Wow place:

  • Parking de Montbenon
  • Parking du Centre place


This is a selection of hotels with reasonable prices. It is low season in Lausanne, so you should not hesitate to call for a quote.

You can find them behind this link but this stupid web site does not permit direct links to the hotels (...). Downtown, close to everything, included the Pow Wow venue are:

  • Voyageurs
  • Boulevard
  • Elite
  • City
  • Crystal
  • Regina
  • Agora
  • Marché
  • Old Inn
  • Ada-logements

A cheaper, youth hostel like place is: Jeunotel, outside of town (30-40 min walk from downtown, 10 min bus ride)

Not found via the above URL is the following hotel, which is also located at a 15-20 min walk from downtown: Le Chalet, av. d' Ouchy 49, +41 21 616 5206 (closer to the lake)


This Pow Wow will be organized and sponsored as a joined effort by Sen:te, ilink GmbH and the ObjectFarm people.

Beat the drums

We hope that you send the necessary smoke signals to your friends and that you tell them about the Wocoa Pow Wow. The more dancers come - the better and louder our Pow Wow will be.

Share and Enjoy.

The Wocoa-Drummers