14. Mar. 2005, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm
Wocoa Camp Location

The drummers of the Wocoas, an european tribe of WebObjects and Cocoa developers, are beating their drums again. With Apple finally reaching out for the "masses" with the iMac mini there should be a lot of cool ideas for "mass market" solutions ... like viruses and IB palettes.

Wocoa Camp DreamcatcherAs usual this event will try to be as unorganized as ever. Please do not expect a regular and boring trade show or conference but bring your drums, sleeping bag and PowerBooks instead. This is a coming together and a sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

The Location

This time our host will be Academy and Objectpark Software and the place where you will need to drag your pony to is:

Bonn (Germany)
Sat, March 19, 2005 - 12:00 until 22:00

Full details about the location will be mailed to all those who register.


If you intend to join us, please send a message with your name and preferred email-address to:

as soon as you can. Both are necessary for your name badge. And ...

  • if you want the name of your tribe or company to appear on your name badge, please tell us what it should be.

  • if you have a cool application that you would like to demo to other people, or have an interesting topic that you would like to share with other dancers - just let us know. We will publish these topics on this webpage and the peoples mailinglist, so that others will know who to talk to.

After registration you will receive a confirmation mail and a second mail with the exact location details, shortly prior to the event. You will also be added to the mailing list unless you explicitly state that you do not wish to be part of it.

We do not charge any fee for attending this Pow Wow but you will have to cover your own expenses.

You must register because we need to know how many Wocoa dancers will stomp our tipi. Otherwise we cannot guarantee to find a place big enough for all of us.


Please note ... while we will have a beamer and an internet connection in place, please be aware that "sharing an interesting topic" should not be read as "giving a full blown hyper complicated sales presentation of your product and having the right to be depressed if nobody cares to listen". Our Pow Wows are organized chaos ... you have been warned!

Like in the past we will limit the presentation time to 15 - 20 minutes each, so that there will be enough time for getting into private conversation without missing any "demo dances".

Planned Dances

Like during previous events we are again looking forward to welcome approximatly 50 motivated and creative Wocoa dancers. So far we know about the following dances (the order represents the order in which we received the notice):

  • Dominique Baillon, Jacques Foucry & Frank Lefebvre, MacDevFR
    • Textile integration with WebObjects (Textile is a text-to-html generator written in php)
    • WebObjects hacks: Funky form submit with the Enter key; parameter passing from main page to pop-up window and back; dynamic menu, getting its contents from the database.
  • Jacek Kaczmarek & Marcin Lukasiak, Power Media
    • Codename R.A.T. - an alternative approach to automated web application testing.
  • Wolfgang Berberich, salient
    • Webobjects frameworks for web content management and more (Demo).
    • Sharing those frameworks in a community of webobjects developers and web-agencies.
  • Mr. Smith
    • A funky Cocoa project.
  • Angelo Laub
    • Practical Mac OS X insecurity. Security concepts, problems and exploits.
  • Frank Blome, ProjectWizards
    • Merlin - project management with a bit of magic. Model based Cocoa coding, the pros and cons of bindings, preparing for CoreData and more. (Demo)
  • Pirmin Braun, seat-1 Software
    • IntarS - the business software suite for small to medium sized companies ... running on the iMac mini. (Demo)
  • David Teran, cluster9
    • Debugging EOF deadlocks with Eclipse and AspectJ. (Demo)
  • Wocoa drummers
    • Where to get food, a warm place to sleep and ... how to cross the river Rhein without getting wet.

If you also want to demo something special or have knowledge that you are willing to share, please contact us at and tell us about it, so that we can add you to this list.

Accommodation and Traveling

Full traveling details will be provided to those who register.


This Pow Wow will be organized and sponsored as a joined effort by:

Beat the drums

We hope that you send the necessary smoke signals to your friends and that you tell them about the Wocoa Pow Wow. The more dancers come, the better and louder our Pow Wow will be.

Share and Enjoy.

The Wocoa-Drummers