Version 0.4 (14. Feb. 1999), Tomi Engel MassBoy
The MassBoy Application

This is an application for the analysis of mass spectroskopy data files. It can do simple mass traces, library searches and supports some high resolution techniques which have been invented at the DFA by Wolfgang Engel who was the driving force behind the development of the applicaiton and its feature set.

Check out the short introduction and description of the feature set if you want to get a better impression of what this programm is all about.

Project Information

The published release notes provide a full documentaion of the current status and how the project evolved. If you want to download a distribution of the application then check one of the folloming places:

  • sorry...not yet available

Before you start using the application please read carefully about the known problems. This will hopefully keep you getting frustrated by existing bugs. If you find a bug not listed there please report it. The same goes for features which you are missing and which are not yet included in our roadmap to future releases. In both cases we would like to hear from you.

Online Documentation

For those who already have the program and want a tutorial then read this carefully.

The online tutorial has been written for normal MassBoy users which usually are chemistry scientists with lttle computer background. A tutorial for other focus groups might become available in the distant future.