Version 0.9.2 (01. January 2008), Tomi Engel FarmersMahJongg

Its time to relax again. This is yet another version of the old Chinese MahJongg game - a tile game with old traditional images and the taste of something elegant.

Besides being a nice game this projects main purpose is to demonstrate how a legacy C++ game engine can be integrated with a Cocoa user interface. Apples Objective-C++ compiler makes this almost painless. Just check out the sources to see how this can be done. The code is not really well designed (hey ... its "legacy") but therefore the mixing of the languages is even more intense. Screenshot

Feature Check

FarmersMahJongg will create a game setup from which you must try to remove all tiles. You can only pick them up in pairs by clicking the first and double-clicking the second tile. Removable tiles must lie along the edge of one of the tile levels.

You can undo a move or let the computer suggest possible moves. If you failed to solve a setup you can decide to restart the last game in order to try another solution. But remember that currently there is no guarantee that a board really has a solution!

Package Download

The application is available for download in the following packages:

Mac OS X 10.5

Mac OS X

Mac OS X Server

Version Release 0.9.2 Release 0.9.1 Release 0.9 Release 0.81
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Note: Please make sure that you also have the required frameworks installed on your system!


Wolfy supplied the lovely icons, which he scanned from his handpainted wooden custom made MahJongg game. Tomi mainly ported the old NeXTmj code to the OpenStep and Cocoa APIs. Don Yacktman helped us to dig out Dennis P. Glattings NeXTmj source code, which was the original port of the old xmj game to NeXTSTEP. And thanx to whoever wrote the X11 version.

Release Notes

Release 0.9.2 (01. January 2008):

  • Contains a minor change to get the redraw behavior compatible to Mac OS X 10.5.

Release 0.9.1 (12. August 2001):

  • Recompiled the "Rhapsody" sources for Mac OS X.

Future development

We received a few suggestions and know of some features that really would be a nice and useful addition. But since the current releases are quite complete already, there is not too much pressure for a new release. Besides that, any major new features would require a complete rewrite of the game, since we would have to write our own, pure Objective-C, game engine. The current code base is sadly not flexible enough.

Any kind of feedback is welcome. Please send it to