Version 0.2 (14. Feb. 1999), Tomi Engel MassBoy
Release Notes

This was the "proof of concept" prototype which allowed us the roughly predict the complexity which we would have to face and to predict how much tunig the product would need to reach reasonable performance on the targeted hardware.

New Features in Version 0.1

Being the primary release make all features new and there obviously are no bugs to fix from earlier releases. Most features concentrated around reading some dummy test files and drawing graphs of the expected style.

  • Document windows do cascade.
    Loading a new document will causes it window to cascade from the current main window. This ensures intuitive multifile handling.

  • Strange line drawing.
    Printouts and on-screen drawings sometimes lost graph border lines or showed them in strange line width. A hack in the mouse-rect-zoom handling caused this problem and cleaning up the mouse-rect zoom solved related drawing bugs.

  • Info Panel typo.
    There was a typo in the info panel (Spectros"k"opy). Fixed that one