Version 0.39 (22. Feb. 1999), Tomi Engel MassBoy
Release Notes

With this release we added some of the unique and new feature which make MassBoy different compared to existing solutions.

New Features Version 0.45

This is the beginning of a complete redesign of the appliction.

  • Spectrum saving supports admins (v 0.45)
    The Save panel does now support admin authentication which allows ignoring and skipping some sanitiy checks durnig the "save to library" procedure. This provides a way to overcome potential problems with the sanity checks where correct data is considered incorrect which normally makes it impossible to add such an entry to a library.

  • Admin panel introduced. (v 0.45)
    A new panel has been implemented which allows a specified group of users to authenticate in the local NetInfo domain. This can be used to enabled certain restricted features.

  • Zoom rectangle tuning. (v 0.44)
    Laveraging the NSWindows caching mechanisms our visual zoom should perform faster then in the old version and its speed does no longer depend on the complexity of the displayed graph. Additionally a sanitiy check has been added which prevents the user from zooming into a very small range. This fixes the problem of unintended zooms caused by accidental drag-clicks.

  • Spectrum "Save Panel" complete. (v 0.44)
    All checks and all the data cleanup should now be in place for the library creation process. Submission of incorrect data will get blocked.

  • Noise reduction getting started. (v 0.43)
    The data cleanup has been moved to a modal panel with a progress indicator. Calculation of the equipments mass resolution has been implemented using an argon mass trace over the entire scan range.

  • Zoom to range implemented. (v 0.43)
    The new "zoom to range" functionality has been implemented with the help of inspectors and finally does work as advertised.

  • Fragment Calculator integrated. (v 0.42)
    In expert mode a new panel becomes accessible which will assist in high resolution evaluations techniques. This was formally a seperate application named AtomCombiner.

  • Added an expert mode. (v 0.42)
    A new expert mode will give access to more features and will provide the user a richer but more complex menu structure. This can be considered as a "hidden" feature.

  • More Inspectors. (v 0.42)
    With the final inspector infrastructure in place we began introducing all the necessary inspectors and the related settings. This included a new order of supported inspector aspects.

  • Started Class name revision. (v 0.41)
    Historically most classes did not share a common naming convention. This has been addressed in addition to switching the the ObjectFarm namespace by using a "FarmMB" prefix for all MassBoy classes and global symbols.

  • Integration of FarmersChemistry (v 0.41)
    With the new chemistry framework we finally get real atom, chemical formula and CAS naming logic which will mainly enhance the library and high resolution capabilities of our application.

  • Integrated FarmInspectorPanel. (v 0.41)
    The revised version of the inspector panel is now supported and replaces some MassBoy specific inspector behavior.

  • ObjectFarm frameworks replace MiscKit. (v 0.41)
    Since the progress of the MiscKit is uncertain we have moved all our code on top of the ObjectFarm frameworks.

Bugs Fixed

This time most of the fixes have been made with some general UI polishing. There still is a lot that needs to be done, but we are slowly getting there.

  • Document status info does redraw.
    The status text of the main documents did never redraw during the actions and the text was gone after the action completed.

Development History

Release notes of previous versions are still available: