The Farm
31. December 1999, Tomi Engel ObjectFarm
Headlines from 1999

This is a collection of the news and feature stories which have been published during 1999. It should be obvious that digging in the past will potentially bring up information which is outdated by now.

(18. Dez. 1999)

Mac OS X News will donate income to charities

The MacNews publication is a german online magazine with focus on Apple technologies. Markus Teschner, coordinator of the Mac OS X news branch, informed us, that all income from banner sales inside his section will be donated to charities.

The ObjectFarm members welcome this move and we will continue to support the OS X team at MacNews with all our knowledge.

(28. Nov. 1999)

FarmersWebChat goes Greece

A small local theater group named Ensemble Schöner Wohnen is trying to put the story of Odysseus in a modern context. Part of this performance is a website which features a simple chat area. The WebObjects application behind this chat will be released shortly as a simple WO-example.

(27. Mar. 1999)

FarmersMahJongg 0.9 released

A port of our NeXTSTEP game is now available for Mac OS X Server. Feel free to download the precompiled binary.

(20. Mar. 1999)

Mano joined our pool

The new PowerMac G3 server is up and running under Mac OS X Server.

Mano - our PowerMac G3

This combination screams and the machines looks really elegant too. Mano is the hawaiian name for sharks which seems like perfect fit.

(18. Feb. 1999)

MassBoy v0.40 soon out

A new release of our mass spectroskopy application will become available soon. Read all about the new MassBoy in the revised release notes.

(9. Feb. 1999)

Koala soon to be replaced

Since 1993 the old black NeXTdimension system was our primary server.

Koala on the desktop

Finally there is a more powerful replacement for Koala on the horizon. A new PowerMac G3 Yosemite should arrive soon.

(9. Oct. 1999)

Kimba joins the Farm

On the search for a new home this lovely 3 year old Anglo-Arabian horse crossed our way and decided to stay.

Kimba ... our new Arabian friend

It is not just the biologist of our group who are excited.

(14. Jul. 1999)

The arrival of the Adbusters

Our bookshelf now carries the fabulous publication named "Adbusters". It is a magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Since it is dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment, it seems like a perfect fit to the ObjectFarm's core values.

(25. Jun. 1999)

Solar? Na Klar!

Following the "100.000 Dächer Programm" for solar electricity, Germany has established a new program which will promote usage of solar heat. It is called "Solar Na Klar".

We welcome this move and are currently investigating the possibility of powering some of our equipment from solar panels or by using wind energy.

(7. Mar. 1999)

Hawai'i research trip

Like most remote islands Hawai'i has become a place where many endemic species are struggling for survival.

So we combined a business trip to the US with extended research on the status of some of our "supported" animals (Mano, Io', Nene)

(22. Feb. 1999)

Still searching...

We are still searching for the perfect farm. It must be large enough to become a new home for some of our members and animals.

A dream-farm

If you know someone who wants to get rid of such a lovely place in northern Bavaria ... feel free to contact us.

(12. Feb. 1999)

Susi's anniversary

Or little dog has joined us 9 years ago. We are glad she is still around.