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Released Projects

Over the years many - sometimes even useful - applications have found their way out of my brain and out of that tiny harddisk. This place contains references to all my commercial an privat projects, yet unfinished ideas and other related software packes from other people.


If you are looking for a simple way to include 3D mouse or dataglove support into a NeXTSTEP 3D graphics app, then you propably should take a look at this application. The 3DDeviceServer is based on distributed objects and includes two drivers for remote 3D object manipulation.They enable you to use the SpaceControl SpaceMouse (DLR) or the Logitech Magellan 3D mouse and a GUI interface for testing apps without having a mouse at home. (NeXTSTEP)


Visualization of chemical structures has always been a nice thing to try. The BeakerBoy supports displaying molecules in balls&sticks, sticks, nicer sticks or spacefilling. You are free to choose the colors, groups and rendering qualities and finally dump RenderMan descriptions for final high end rendering.

Currently it supports 5 different molecule file formats (very basic PDB parsing too). A small collection of "home-made" demo molecules is available in a seperate package. (NeXTSTEP)


I couldn't live without a real class editor anymore. This is more or less just a suggestion of how it could be done...a collection of ideas. Don't think of this a polished application.

The current release lets you open a MyClass.m/.h file and browser the methods and implementations. This code editor will try to find a documentation for this method inside the MyClass.rtf file. Since ClassEditor can also create documentation you might find it useful as a "docu-creation" tool. (NeXTSTEP)


The idea to this program came from S. Fitzpatrik (UK). Back in 1992 he wrote a small Notes application that would provide a service for adding the pasteboards content to a notes file. The trick is nice and simple. I took over and rewrote the app to support RTFD and "paste-templates". Take a look at it ... propably you missed such a tool for the last 5 years. (NeXTSTEP)


The spirit of this tile game is similar to that of MahJongg/Shanghai games. All are derived from the same old chinese game. The code was derived from the old NeXTmj package but the whole graphical design has changed which should now bring real pleasure to the players eye. (Mac OS X, NeXTSTEP)


... description forthcoming ... (NeXTSTEP)


... description forthcoming ... (NeXTSTEP)


... description forthcoming ... (NeXTSTEP)


It uses the NeXTdimension board to grab frames on a time basis and stores them to the filesystem.

This allows you to create simple TIFF-movies by performing a simple single frame auto grab. You are also able to control grabbing with external applicaitons. e.g shell scripts. Combined with a web server this allows you to implement a web-cam using your NeXT hardware. (NeXTSTEP)


... description forthcoming ... (NeXTSTEP)


... description forthcoming ... (NeXTSTEP)