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Software Projects

Over the years many - sometimes even useful - applications have found their way out of my brain and out of that tiny harddisk. This place contains references to all my commercial and private projects, yet unfinished ideas and other related software projects.

Most of the software was released under the ObjectFarm Public License, which is very similar to most of the other Open Source licenses (like the GNU GPL), but mainly was adapted to German law and our "TravelWare" concept.

Released Projects

The list of all released applications is quite long and it there is a special page which just talks about them. A large percentage is only available for the NeXTSTEP platform but hopefully the number of Mac OS X projects will catch up soon.

Screenshots of released Projects

All Mac OS X applications are based on some of the ObjectFarms shared frameworks while most older NeXTSTEP projects depend heavily on the MiscKit libraries. So be sure to check out the details and feel free to download interesting packages while you browse the project list ...

Software Ideas

Every now and then I feel like there is some special program or particular class that really is missing in this world of bits and bytes. Often I fail to turn those ideas into real code or the project never leave the status of a "nighttime 3 hour hack".

So if you are searching for inspiration, have lots of spare time and would like to do something really cool but don't know what that could be ... be sure to read about all the unfinished work and ideas ...

Custom and Commercial Solutions

Living from fresh air only is not too easy and so every now and then I need to get out and do some work which I get paid for. Since most clients do not like me releasing their projects to the public I can only point you to the places where I left my marks.

Screenshots of Commercial Projects
  • Yet another internet banking is in development at Entrium, where I do provide the WebObjects coaching.
  • Interface design and beta testing for different GUI apps is another area where I am active every now and then. Among them is the cool drawing application from Stone Design named Create.
  • 100world was the largest WebObjects solution provider in northern Bavaria. I was helping them to train their WebObjects developers and co-developed some of their products, like the Consors BrokerBoard or Fonds web services.
  • The DFA (Deutsche Forschungsanstalt) needed a custom mass spectroscopy solution. This was the driving force behind the MassBoy application.
  • Cycosmos went online with a community WebObjects project in 1998 where I helped to finish the first incarnation of their system which was on a very tight schedule.
  • Henkel needed a intranet WebObjects tool, called the FactBook, which was initially developed at CTP Ireland and later taken over by the ObjectZoo Ltd.. Some parts of that complex system have been planted by ObjectFarm'ers hands and even grown on ObjectFarm land.

Most of my paid projects are currently in the WebObjects domain, which is amazing technology for enterprise solutions. With the rising popularity of the Mac OS X platform demand for native GUT solutions based on the Cocoa frameworks seems to be picking up again.

If you have a project which is still looking for some experienced developers ... or if you are a developer who is looking for a job here in Germany ... feel encouraged to contact me.

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